BADU 42/12-AK-SSV, We.


BADU 42/12-AK-SSV, We.

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Non-self-priming circulation pump BADU 42/12-AK-SSV, We., alternating current, lantern version for use with diverse salt water and problem medium

1~230 Volt
Mechanical seal SIC/SIC + VITON
Hmax= 11.8 m
Qmax= 17 m³/h
techQ: 14.5 m³/h
techH: 6 m WS
power output: 0.65 kW
Inlet / outlet connection (Rp): female thread 1 1/2" / 1 1/2"


The plastic centrifugal pumps BADU 42/12-AK-SSV are designed for circulation of pool water with a higher salt or brine concentration in combination with a corresponding filtration unit. These pumps meet the highest demands by means of best quality and workmanship.


Constructional features:
Corrosion-resistant – due to high-grade, glass fiber reinforced plastic
Monoblock-type pump with a closed bellows-type mechanical seal mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water! Complete electrical separation.


Field of application:
Thermal water, thermal brine, seawater aquarium with artificially processed salt water, pickle units and several problem media after testing of components and concentration. Generally, the exact medium should be specified during the placement of the order, so that suitability and resistance of the pumps may be verified.


The special version AK pumps correspond to the standard versions in the BADU programme, however they are designed for use in diverse salt water and problem medias. Media that could potentially leak or minerals and salts which could crystallise do not come into contact with the motor or bearings. Therefore this ensures considerably longer operating times for these fields of application compared to the standard version.


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