Kompaktboy SE 71.4 D

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Single-pump sewage lifting unit Kompaktboy SE 71.4 D, 400 Volt, with grinder pump and comfortable level control, compact, high efficiency and low operation noise

  • polyethylene container with 55 litres capacity and up to 45 litres switching volume
  • built-up grinder pump with robust, adjustable cutting system made of corrosion-resistant special alloy
  • two mechanical seals with intermediate oil chamber
  • pressure outlet flange DN 50 with flanged connecting bend and non-return ball valve 1 1/4" FPT
  • inlets: 3 x lateral DN 100 and 1 x top DN 50/100
  • additional connections 1 ½“ for manual diaphragm pump
  • air vent DN 70 (Ø 75mm)
  • operation temperature max. 55°C
  • operating mode S3 - 25%
  • protection grade IP 68 - fully submersible
  • pumping of domestic sewage from basement apartments or single-family houses for greater heads or long pressure pipes
  • above-ground installation in frost-free rooms below the backflow level
  • fits into manholes with a cover > Ø 590 mm
Scope of delivery
  • pre-assembled lifting unit with 3,5 m connection cable to the motor and 3,5 m pneumatic tube to the control
  • 90° pump connecting bend DN 50
  • non-return ball valve 1 1/4" FPT
  • flexible connection with tension clamps for ventilation pipe
  • incl. ZPS1: comfortable, pneumatic level control with microcontroller, LCD plain text display for filling level, maintenance, operating hours, fault message and alarm signal in switchbox for indoor installation


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