BADU 90/40 Eco MV-E

This pump combines the tried and tested plastic casing of the BADU 90/40 with a highly efficient class IE3 permanent magnet motor and innovative motor control. Here you can coordinate the power output according to the different operating conditions by gradually adjusting the motor speed.

Use of the pumps for pools and their security zone is only permitted, if they are constructed according to DIN/VDE 0100 part 702. Please talk to your qualified electrician!
The electrical connection should generally be installed and carried out by a qualified electrician.

BADU 90/40 Eco MV-E

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Product no.: 219.0400.138

Self-priming filtration circulation pump BADU 90/40 Eco MV-E, alternating current version




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Delivery weight: 32 kg

No longer available, replaced by manufacturer with BADU Eco Flex


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