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BADU 47/5

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Non self-priming pool circulation pump BADU 47/5 We., alternating current version, with self-draining unit and a flow rate of approximately 6 m³/h the perfect jet pumps for jacuzzis and whirlpools.

1~230 Volt
Hmax= 10 m
Qmax= 10.8 m³/h
techQ: 6 m³/h
techH: 8 m WS
Pool size: 1 - 30 m³
Power output: 0.30 kW
Inlet / outlet connection d (mm): 63 / 50


Pool equipment: Circulation pump
Pool size in m³: 1 - 30
Flow rate Q in m³/h: 6
Total head H in m WS: 8
Motor performance in kW (P2): 0.30
Pool type: Whirlpool
Pump casing: PP TV 40
Gland housing: PP TV 40
Mechanical seal: carbon / ceramic / NBR
Screws: brass / stainless steel


Connection option for BADU 46 medium-size jet pump.
For bath tubs, whirlpools and spa facilities.

Field of application

The BADU 47 pumps empty remaining water automatically. Flow rate is from 6 m³/h to 23 m³/h at 8 m, the ideal pumps for jacuzzis and spas.


Monoblock-type pump. The bellow-type mechanical seal is mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water providing complete electrical separation.

Special motors on request.

The above mentioned pumps can be used for pool water with a salt concentration of up to 0.5%, i. e. 5 g/l.

For higher salt concentrations please contact us.

Also available in AK version


TECHNICAL DATA manufacturer's page

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