BADU Eco Touch Pro AK

As a revolutionary innovation, with patented permanent magnet motor, the BADU Eco Touch Pro AK-SSV sets new standards in energy consumption, operating costs and water quality. The three variable motor speeds can be programmed individually. They can be set from 1000 to 2830 rpm in steps of 50.The values 2000, 2400 and 2830 rpm are pre-set.

The special version AK pumps for salt water, seawater and brine correspond to the standard versions in the BADU programme, however they are designed for use in diverse salt water and problem medias. Media that could potentially leak or minerals and salts which could crystallise do not come into contact with the motor or bearings. Therefore this ensures considerably longer operating times for these fields of application compared to the standard version.

Field of application:

thermal waters, brine water, seawater aquarium with artificially treated salt water, pickle plants and many problem mediums after verification of components and concentration. In principle, the medium is to be stated precisely to allow for verification of the pumps' resistance capabilities.

Use of the pumps for pools and their security zone is only permitted, if they are constructed according to DIN/VDE 0100 part 702. Please talk to your qualified electrician!
The electrical connection should generally be installed and carried out by a qualified electrician

BADU Eco Touch Pro AK

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Product no.: 2190.000.048

Speed controlled, self-priming filtration circulation pump BADU Eco Touch Pro II-AK-SSV, lantern version



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