Spare parts BADU 93

Spare parts for pump models BADU 93/30 H, BADU 93/40 H, BADU 93/45 H, BADU 93/50 H, BADU 93/55 H, BADU 93/60, BADU 93/70, BADU 93/80 and BADU 93/110


Please observe the manufacturers' recommendation that any work on the pumps should only be executed by experienced personnel with the following qualification:
– for mechanical work, for example change of ball-bearing or of mechanical seal: qualified mechanic.
– for work at the electrical system: electrician.


You may download the spare parts list from the website of the manufacturer for free, by using the following link:


You may open, read and print the PDF file by downloading the Acrobat Reader for free at the following source:



Spare parts BADU 93

Source of product picture in high resolution: SPECK Pumps

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Product no.: 2193.605.037

Three-phase motor unit, 400/230 Volt, 2.60 kW, for BADU 93/60 (version until build date 2007)

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